Expat in Canada

Expat in Canada

vineri, 25 martie 2011

note 1

Iata cateva dintre adevaratele mele note de peste zi, nu aberatiile pe care am continuat sa le scriu constant pe blogul asta si carora, pe buna dreptate, unii mi-au dat dislike. Inainte de ei, mi l-am dat eu.

"Sometimes when you start scribbling, you have no idea where you'll end up".
"Really, it's all about starting, because if you can't start, you can't end..."
"In a slow and quiet way, I was being prepared for my literary adulthood, because the process of creating books is, more or less, the same at six as it is at sixty, only with better grammar".
"I quickly became aware of the power and influence of the written word. I learned the hard way that people took what they read seriously (..) and that there was a price to pay for telling the truth, which proved to be a valuable life lesson". - Dave Bidini, For Those About To Write. How I Learned To Love Books And Why I Had To Write Them.

"The secret is to invest your labor. Your time is precious. Like gold, there is a finite quantity. (...)Creating your own material is easy if you have a system; all it really takes is organization and discipline. (...)Although writing a book is not difficult, it's not for the lazy. (...)You'll have to change your lifestyle". Dan Poynter, Self-Publishing Manual.

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